Sysmate began as a Korea-based high technology startup company that specialized in providing wired communication network appliances products until middle of 2000s decade.
From 2006, we have concentrated our experienced capabilities on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Now, in the environment of rapidly emerging of data and potential threats occur in networks, our DPI solution, the open and scalable deployment, carries to improve the high qualified network management service. InterStream DPI functions to identify and classify contents in the explosion of traffic environment and runs on the various range of processing applications such as network traffic monitoring, network security, Quality of Service (QoS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and so on.

To accelerate the application’s performance, our high performance network adapter, called as InterStream NA, allows 100% network traffic to be captured, scrutinized and analyzed, while resulting in ignorable host CPU slowdown. This hardware based InterStream NA provides more enhancing packet processing, integrating with Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), advanced malware and anti-virus system.

We are now on the prominent position in our domestic market and continuously exploit overseas markets. In this year we forecast our sales 12 million US dollars and will raise our product sales over 30 million US dollars in 2015.
We always press on developing innovative solutions and pursue challenging tasks that give us opportunity to work on the edge of capabilities. Our vision is becoming one of worldwide leading companies in DPI packet processing field and we will maintain our efforts to enhance customer value as we drive more higher efficiency and world-leading product quality to meet increasing market demand.


HIGH Networks is what we are pursuing High-performance, Intelligent, Green and Helpful Networks.

bliet.jpg ADVANTAGES

SYSMATE’s InterStream series are composed of suite of technologies based on optimizing practical requirements.
InterStream DPI platform with packet processing is specially to solution for the traffic visibility of identify, analysis and control in that the real time new contents pop up. With this solution, newly creating services and contents are intelligently managed and controlled with guaranteed of high performance.
InterStream Network Adapters built in the applicable platform deliver 100% traffic capture and aware at the layer 2 to 7 through OSI model. InterStream packet processing engine enables the solutions to deliver reliable, scalable, low latency, 100% determinism in detection of signatures and analysis of network traffic by using the InterStream architecture for DPI processing.

bliet.jpg CUSTOMERS

In Korea, we have partnership with market leaders in the fields of network monitoring and security whose customers are network provider, public agencies, educational institutions, banking facilities, enterprises and so on.
Now we steadily expand our market to abroad and recently supply our product to Japanese major network provider. We forecast sales over 2 thousand Ethernet ports including 800 ports for overseas market next year and we will raise sales over 20 thousand Ethernet ports in 2015.
We hope to build profitable relationships with new partners and latent customers around the world while promoting our existing partnerships. Pursuing preeminence in product quality and performance and having more closer cooperation with our partners, we will increase competitiveness in market and maximize customer value.

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