Product Overview
 bliet.jpg Achieving Network Intelligence with Advanced DPI

The explosive growth of bandwidth-intensive applications is burdensome to network operators and business executives in the pressure of QoS (Quality of Service) and CAPEX&OPEX reduction.

  • packetLiner functions to L7 application analysis, monitor and control that guarantee QoS and service optimization
    in the network.
  • packetLiner reporting shows real time and historical network performance and application usage, enabling the network
    operators to determine the policy enforcement in the traffic congestion zone and plan the future network capacity.
  • Additionally, the security technologies cover to prevent DDoS attacks and block the hazardous contents, bringing the
    safe networks.
  • packetLiner is the total network management solution, minimizing to deliver all functionalities in a single system with
    flexible deployment of in-line and out of path in the customer network environment.

packetLiner delivers the insights that they enable to understand current traffic trends and subscribers’ behavior patterns for managing the network effectively and profitably.

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