DPI Platform

The explosive growth of Internet, in terms of both its various networking applications and network speed, results in a rapidly increasing network load. Additionally, network speed tends to increase faster than CPU and memory speed, consequently causing the gap between network and network attached DPI platform speed. For instance, 10Gbps Ethernet have been widely used by industrial community, while general purpose processors which can fulfill the requirement for driving a 10Gbps throughput are unlikely to be available anytime soon. Therefore, in order to maintain a high level of throughput and low latency, we envisaged early on that high end DPI-enabled network applications would eventually need support from intelligent network adapters that takes care of certain key functions in real time as the traffic enters the DPI network appliance. This means basically a network adapter-based programmable offload of a hitherto server-centric based application. InterSstream Programmable Network Adapter contains the most powerful and fully programmable multicore processor available on the current market, allowing DPI processing at up to 10Gbps. This can give customers full Flexibility on how to implement their applications. Beside the intelligent platform with well-defined blocks customers are provided with the advanced tools and knowledge to develop network appliance product with a very short time-to-market. The fully programmable platform provides our customers with the ability to rapidly and continuously add features and update the solutions in the network packet processing field.